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We have over 40 years experience as offset printers, from one color to full color, we can produce the finest quality offset print work. Consider offset for jobs over 500 pieces, where quality and longevity are important. In most cases you will find the price very competitive, and certainly in large quantities such as 1000+. 


What makes offset the best choice is unlike digital (copier) printing that uses toner that sits on top of the paper, offset uses a wet ink that is absorbed into the paper. Offset is also the most environmental choice as the inks today use vegetable based oils, and the metal plates are recyclable, whereas digital toners are ground plastic and carbon.


Why is it called offset printing? A metal plate is created using photographic or laser, the imaged area is receptive to the ink while the non-image plate carries a film of water solution. The plate is mounted on a cylinder and transfers (offsets) the image to a rubber blanket cylinder which then transfers it to the paper as it passes through the press.